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  • Luxury Prayer Rug with Embroidered Mihrab, Cream

    Product Specifications

    Size: 70 cm x 122 cm (Excluding Tassels)
    Weight: 700 grams
    A Product in the Luxury Category

    The prayer rug's design is simple, causing minimal eye strain as it has very few patterns.
    The interior features a Mihrab-patterned lining made from woven thread.
    The quality and price of the product vary based on the quality of the thread used and its weight.
    It is lightweight and thin, making it easy to carry and use.
    Suitable for distribution in various events like baby blessings, funerals, and return from Hajj or Umrah for yourself and your loved ones.
    About Using the Prayer Rug

    Provides a Clean and Even Surface: The prayer rug helps create a clean and even surface on the ground during prayer, ensuring that your body and clothing remain clean.
    Enhances Spiritual Sensation: The prayer rug symbolizes that the place where it is laid is a special area used for facing Allah during prayer. This can enhance the spiritual aspect of the act of worship.
    Aids in Focusing Your Attention: Prayer is an act of intense concentration towards Allah for a Muslim. The prayer rug can assist in keeping your focus on the prayer.
    Promotes Discipline and Respect: The prayer rug is a special covering placed during prayer. This can help you perform the prayer more disciplined and express your respect for Allah.
    Provides Comfort: If you have issues like discomfort when sitting or allergies, having your knees and skin on the prayer rug may be more comfortable.
    In Conclusion In conclusion, a prayer rug is not just a physical item but also a spiritual symbol as a prayer covering. According to Islamic belief, prayer is a significant act of communication between Muslims and Allah, and a prayer rug can help facilitate this communication in a more profound and respectful manner.

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