Mevlid Gift Set - 7

Product Code : 4897654301974
It is a permanent and useful gift that can be given to your loved ones in Mevlid, Special Days and Communities.
199.00 TL
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  • Mevlid Gift Set - 7
    Product Content :

    1 Piece Taffeta Prayer Rug
    1 Piece Velvet Covered Mini Quran
    1 Piece 33' Rosary
    1 Piece Skullcap
    Total Weight : 350 gr
    Box Size: 20 X 25 cm

    Taffeta Prayer Rug Features:

    Weight: 280 grams
    Size: 117 cm x 67 cm
    It is easy to carry and use due to its light and thin structure.
    Our Luxury Class Product
    Made of Shiny Thread.
    It is a kind of fabric with different colors of knitting and weft.
    The quality and price of the product vary according to the quality of the yarn used and the weight of the yarn used.
    What is Taffeta?: Silky Rigid Fabric with Wefts and Knitting of Different Colors, Hence Giving an Iridescent Effect as It Moves.

    Mini Quran Features:

    Velvet Lined
    God is Sensible
    Has a rope for hanging
    Quran Size: 5 x 5 cm
    Weight : 52 g

    33's Rosary Features:

    8mm Diameter
    Tugra Metal Tasseled
    Transparent Looking

    Skull Features:

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