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    Number of Pages: 185

    Skin Condition: Paperback


    When we took our first child in our arms, we never thought that parents were so responsible. Yet, nine hundred years ago, Epictetos made the final point for all of us by saying, "The motherland of a man is his childhood. 1" Obviously, it took our time to grasp this fact. Pedagogue Adem Güneş Bey's books and radio programs always accompanied us on this difficult path. We learned a lot thanks to what we read and listened to. Our only goal was not to disturb our child's sense of trust while we were moving forward with a dream, but with enthusiasm. Fortunately, nowadays, when our second daughter is born, we now have a bedside book where we can find answers to all our questions.

    I think this work is for not only parents who want to educate themselves, but also adults who find the courage to start everything over. How to appreciate the perfectly created man in essence; It tells how an immature baby slowly becomes attached to his mother, father, family, environment and then life.

    I hope Secure Attachment opens new doors in your life and contributes to your parenting consistency.

    I wish everyone good reading ...

    Tuba Kabacaoğlu


    Getting Started 11

    Preface 13

    Life Consists of Attachments 15

    Connectivity 17

    'Sense of Trust' is the Core of Attachment 25

    Not feeling the senses 28

    Attachment and Resist Attachment 30

    Attachment and Will Relations 32

    Mind Power 35

    Connecting by 3 Contact 36

    Skin contact 37

    Eye contact 38

    Contact with sound 39

    The Basis of Attachment: Sleeping with the Mother AO

    Babies Sleeping with Moms Get More Peaceful 44

    46 If I Hurt My Baby When Lying Together

    Does Sleeping With A Baby Damage Her Intimacy? 48

    The Magical Link Between Mother and Child: Sucking 49

    Secure Attachment Relationship with Nursing 51

    Under Which Conditions Should A Pacifier Be Used? 55

    Everyday Opportunities for Attachment 57

    Secure Attachment and Disease 58

    The Father's Role in the Secure Attachment Period 59

    Breaking with Mom 63

    First Stage: Weaning 64

    Second Stage: Toilet Habit 66

    Third Stage: Getting Out of Bed 67

    Stage Four: Separation from the Room 71

    "On Time and Sufficiently" 75

    The Mother's Difficulty To Empathize 76

    Modern Life and Motherhood 76

    Punctual Babies! 80

    Meeting the needs "Enough" 82

    Neglect, Abuse and Violence 83

    Why Does a Mother Violate Her Child? 90

    Sense of Inadequacy 90

    Mother's Childhood Years 90

    Being Self-centered 91

    If There Is No Joy Of Living 92

    Mom Should Get Sufficient Sleep 92

    Having Children in Older Years 93

    Psychological Violence, Emotional Violence 93

    The Search for a "Port of Shelter" 97

    Disrupting the Temperament-Disruption 105

    Abuse and Negligence Disrupts the Fitra 108

    The Main Purpose Is Not To Teach Behavior 110

    Temperament Reveals Needs 111

    Insight and Clairvoyance for a Balanced Life 115

    What is Insight? 115

    The Relationship of Insight to Clairvoyance 119

    Penetration, Insight and Clairvoyance 122

    Freedom in Emotion, Discipline in Behavior 124

    Harmony 125

    Those Who Have No Feeling Are Impatient 127

    Parents Should Not Turn Off The Inquisition of Children 130

    Hear the Opposite 135

    Empathy 135

    The Relationship Between Empathy and Worthlessness-Guilt 137

    Auras and Personality Violations 140

    "Atmosphere" 147

    Gossiping at Home 147

    "Yes, My Mother Is Wrong" 149

    "This Outfit Does Not Look For You" 150

    Parents Should Not Be Offended 150

    "Even If You Treat Me Badly, I Love You So Much" 151

    Breaking the Emotional Bond 151

    Childhood Feelings Don't Let You Go 152

    Crustification of the Atmosphere: Belonging 153

    "Lose" 161

    Confidence is a Process, Not a Result 161

    Maternal Courage 164

    Connecting with Trust Feeling 168

    The Relationship Between Attachment and Belonging 172

    Loss of Gained Confidence 173

    When Confidence Is Lost 176

    Behavior and Personality Must Separate 180

    Final Word: Am I Late for Everything? 183

    Notes 186
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