Velvet Prayer Mat with Embossed Mihrab Design - Burgundy

Product Code : 4897654305573
Bebek Mevlüdü, Vefat Mevlüdü, Hac - Umre Dönüşü Gibi Cemiyetlerde Dağıtmak İçin Uygundur
299.00 TL
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  • Features of the Embossed Mihrab Velvet Prayer Mat - Burgundy:

    Dimensions: 110 cm x 69 cm
    Weight: 660 grams
    A High-Quality Product Suitable for Gatherings.
    Practical and Comfortable Due to Its Thick and Soft Structure.
    Made from 1st Quality Shiny Cotton Velvet Thread.
    Embossed Pattern.
    Does Not Fade or Shed Color.
    About the Use of the Prayer Mat:

    Provides a Clean and Even Surface: The prayer mat helps create a clean and smooth surface on the floor while praying, ensuring that your body and clothes remain clean during prayer.
    Enhances Spiritual Feelings: The prayer mat symbolizes that the place where it is spread is a special area used to turn towards Allah during prayer. This can enhance the spiritual dimension of the prayer worship.
    Assists in Focusing Your Attention: Prayer is an act of worship that requires intense concentration on Allah for a Muslim. The prayer mat can help you focus your attention during prayer.
    Encourages Discipline and Respect: The prayer mat is a special cover placed during prayer. This can help you perform the prayer worship in a more disciplined manner and express your respect for Allah.
    Provides Comfort: Especially if you have issues like knee discomfort or allergic reactions, having your knees and skin on the prayer mat can be more comfortable.
    In Conclusion, the prayer mat is not just a physical item but also a spiritual symbol as a prayer cover. According to Islamic belief, prayer is an essential act of communication with Allah for Muslims, and the prayer mat can help facilitate this communication in a deeper and more respectful manner.
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