Velvet Covered Gift Quran Set with Recliners - Pink

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100% Domestic Production
100% Original Quality Product
699.00 TL
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  • Product features :
    1 x 17x24 cm Arabic Velvet Covered Quran
    There is Esmaül Hüsna with Foil on the Cover of the Box
    The upper part of the Velvet Covered Chest is in the form of a lectern for you to put the Quran.
    The lower part is designed as a chest
    In order to keep the Quran, there is a space to put the Quran in the lidded chest.
    The chest and the Quran are covered with the same color velvet fabric and decorated with the Arabic word of Allah and Plexiglass.
    There are Iron Gold Colored Feet on the Bottom of the Chest
    It is a permanent special gift for your loved ones and your home.
    Total Weight: 2350 gr
    Box Dimensions: 29 X 21.5 X 7 cm
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