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  • Ayetel Kürsi Crystal Stone Religious Gift Pomegranate Trinket
    Product features
    The trinket design is inspired by the Pomegranate Form.
    It is a luxury Swarovski Stone Ornamented Ayetel Kursi Written Trinket.
    All Details And Motifs Are Relief And Stoned By Hand Labor.
    Does not tarnish or deteriorate unless it is exposed to serious chemical products because it is painted,
    Its Stones Are Very Strong And Very Stylish Trinket.
    It Is Sent With Its Strong Package Against Breakage In Its Special Cardboard Box.
    Product material is hardened 100% polyester
    Coloring is done with paints containing metal pigments.
    Weight is 800 grams
    It is 13x10 cm in size


    Abundance; firstly:

    Your shopping; honestly

    Of trade; indeed

    Your behavior; intends sincere ...


    The head of the family; in greetings,

    It was scattered in the homes of newlyweds in Anatolia for a reason for fertility. Young men who want to propose to the girl they love gave pomegranates to their loved ones.

    Pomegranate is considered a spiritual fruit.

    So much so that dropping the pomegranate seeds on the ground was considered a sin, and it was believed that those who succeeded in eating them without dropping the seeds would enter Paradise.

    Thus, the greatest value of which the pomegranate is a symbol has become abundance.

    Your meal; in the collective one

    Your prayer; when made together ...

    Our Prophet said so.

    And the Prayer of Abundance ...

    Abundance; In the beauty of every work, in the literature and in civilizations represented by many symbols. The essence of Bereket has turned into a way of life and shapes are transformed into a meaning with abundance. It is known for its pomegranate.

    Also known as "Ant Prayer" According to the rumors, Hz. Suleiman (as) and the ant crossed paths on the occasion of abundance. The Prayer of Abundance that came to this day, nourished by this rumor. With its pure and sincere language, it has decorated the most beautiful corner of homes and workplaces.

    It was one of the examples.


    Known as the "Fruit of Heaven", it has been the subject of Manis, fairy tales, poems, even riddles and idioms. It represented abundance, fertility, health and well-being in the life of society.

    We have worked together in our design, hoping for the blessings and blessings of Allah, the NAR, which reminds us of Allah's mercy and blessings, and the PRAYER OF ABILITY, which demands Allah's mercy and blessings.
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