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  • Before and After Death Doomsday Hereafter

    Product features :

    Publisher: Tavaslı Publications
    Author: Yusuf Tavaslı
    Page: 960 Pages
    Paper: 2nd Pulp Paper
    Size: 13.50 x 20 cm
    Cover Quality: Hardcover
    Weight: 792 gr

    O Fânî World Eternal and Acirc; Hereafter Traveler, Brother!
    While I present this book, which I named as “BEFORE AND AFTER DEATH COAST AND ACIRC; MET AND AND ACIRC; HIRET”, to my precious readers, my brothers and sisters, it is necessary to express with a few sentences about the pre-death and post-death issue. I want to say?
    Before death, I mean our way of life about the worldly life we ​​lived before death. and Acirc; how should the world life of a believer who believes he is a hermit traveler? That's what I explained in the second part of my book.
    And afterwards, I mean after death, I mean all the situations that will happen to every person after death.
    In summary, there are two lives, two kinds of life for every person. One of them is the life of the world, and the other is the life of the hereafter, which begins with death and will continue forever.
    I divided the topics I included in my book into sections as a main title. The chapters of our book are as follows:
    The First Part: It contains the verses, texts and Turkish meanings, interpretations and interpretations on the subject of death. There are explanations on the subject.
    Part Two: Life before death. How should the world life of a believer be? Verses, Turkish meanings and interpretations, hadith-i sharifs and explanations on the subject ...
    Part Three: Remembering death, talking about death a lot, benefits of dealing with death a lot
    Chapter Four: What does it mean to prepare for death, how to prepare for death?
    Chapter Five: What does Tûl-i Emel mean? How to get rid of Tûl-i ambition, the damages of Tûl-i emel. It is ordered that Tûl-i who wants to enter Paradise should leave the ambition.
    Chapter Six: Descriptions of the family of the Prophet's family, that is, the way of living of the prophet's household and the lifestyle adopted by the family of the prophet in the life of the world. What kind of life did the prophet family prefer, did they prefer a luxurious life or zuhd-u taqwa? Pey and note of every heavenly-willing believer; should he know the ascetic life of the gamber family in the world? ...
    Chapter Seven: Life in the grave. Life in the grave is the entrance to the life after death, that is, the life in the hereafter. In the grave, questioning angels, penalty in the grave, and the person who has died in the grave will come ...
    Chapter Eight: Mourning after the Dead. Is it permissible to cry after the dead or not? What is the decree of yelling and calling and plucking his hair from the back of the deceased? ... The situations and harmful behaviors of those whose children have died, the rewards and rewards they will receive in their beneficial behavior ...
    Chapter Nine: Visiting the graves. How would our Prophet visit the graves, and how would he visit and read? What should a Muslim read and do when visiting the grave?
    Chapter Ten: Taziye means to wish condolences to the dead sahih, whose relative has died. It is a great reward for saying to your religious brother that he got past because of a disaster or a disaster. Helping neighbors and relatives in dying houses for eating and drinking ...
    Chapter Eleven: Doomsday and the break of doomsday. The destruction of the world. Verses, hadiths, comments and explanations on how the Doomsday will break.
    Chapter Twelve: Ba’s-ü Ba’del Mevt. Resurrection after death, all people will be resurrected after they die, we will see extensive explanations of how they will be resurrected in the light of verses and hadiths.
    Chapter Thirteenth: Hashr and Judgment Square will be, People will be resurrected and gather in Judgment Square. What they do in this world will be questioned and questioned ... What will happen on the Judgment Day ...
    Chapter Fourteenth: Mizan, the weighing of deeds, these are the phases that will take place on the day of judgment in Judgment. People will be taken into account, interrogated and their deeds will be weighed ... Deeds will be revealed and distributed to their owners ...
    Chapter Fifteenth: Intercession, our Prophet's intercession to the people of Judgment. The highest position of intercession (Makam-ı Mahmut) was given to the Prophet. Matters related to intercession.
    Chapter Sixteenth: Kevser Pool. The characteristics of the Kevser Pool, which was given to the Prophet in Paradise in the hereafter, and the beauties of the Ummah Muhammad's drinking water from the Kevser Pool and the Kevser Pool ...
    Chapter Seventeenth: Sirat Bridge. Doomsday is a thin, sword-sharp way of heaven, whose nude is built on hell and stretches from one end to the other. Those who go to heaven will cross the Sirat Bridge, there is no other way. Seventeenth chapter, issues related to the Sirat Bridge ...
    Chapter Eighteenth: Heaven and Hell
    Chapter Nineteen: Names of Hell. The names of hell reported in the Quran are explained in order.
    Twentieth Chapter: The last chapter containing the explanations of heaven and heavenly blessings. Paradise is a house of happiness prepared for Allah's believers and righteous servants.
    State called death, an event that concerns every human being. No human can say that I am not interested in death. Or you will say that some people are not interested in death. I would say that he may not be interested, but death takes care of him. Whether they want it or not, death suddenly comes to their door without asking anyone, knocking on their door, and taking away whatever they want without asking them. And whatever you want! Beautiful brides-to-be brides, grooms, bridesmaid girls, young boys like saplings that have entered the spring of their youth are taking away. Well, what didn't concern him?
    Euet, oh friend! The state called death concerns every human being. Nobody can stop coming face to face with him. For him, it is a fact accepted by every sane person that every sane person must have an important knowledge about this state called death.
    Because man is a mortal being. There is no time for death, neither is he of age. No one knows when it will come, to whom it will come, whether it will come to a young person, an old man, or a swaddling baby!
    If so, where does death take the people with the state called death, what is the life after death or after death? Where are the people going, what is the state and condition of this person who is buried in a pit (grave) of sixty, seventy centimeters deep, one and a half, two meters long? Undoubtedly, these are questions that concern every sane person. I hope you will find all of them in this book and note.
    Do we know what kind of a life we ​​lived before death? Here, you will find and read important information about our life (our world) before death in a long chapter in the light of the Quran verses. Because man has to obtain factual information about this temporary (mortal) life (world life) in which he lives.
    Nothing came into being haphazardly (by chance). The existence (creation) of human beings is not without purpose either. The power (Allah) that created him expects a number of duties from him. He did not leave him alone.
    Mankind is a smart, honorable being with great values. He has a number of duties and responsibilities towards his supreme Lord, who gives him these values ​​and values, and it is rational and logical to have it. These duties and responsibilities are the facts that must be done and fulfilled before death.
    After death, it means that a person begins with his death and enters heaven or hell and includes the stages and stages of a life that will continue in heaven or hell. There are some other stages in this life that is called after death.
    Life in the grave is the first stage of life after death. Life in the grave is a very difficult, very adventurous period. We explained this stage at length in his section.
    Doomsday break and the resurrection of people are also a march of life after death. We have explained this enough in its own section.
    There are some more difficult and arduous stages such as the post-death phases and stages, the apocalypse and the note; the nude phase, the calculation-book, the question-question, the weighing of the deeds, being judged in the presence of Allah Almighty, crossing the bridge of Sirat. We have explained these in their own chapters.
    In fact, death and its aftermath are at the top of the list of issues that every person should be interested in and should be concerned about.
    For every human being dies and will die sooner rather than later.
    Every human being will taste and taste the pain of death. Death cannot be escaped, escaped or escaped. Death is a painful event that will happen to every living thing, which is difficult or difficult to bear.
    What is more painful is to behave as if and to escape death and to forget (ignore) the reality of death and attempt to be heedless. This is not an attitude to be adopted by a healthy rational person, but it is a state that the people of heedlessness who are devoid of the blessings of faith, who are far from the blessings of religion and who cannot comprehend the values ​​of humanity will adopt.
    Death is not something to be afraid of for people of faith and righteous deeds. For them, death is the occasion to meet their loved ones (to their Almighty Lord) and those who died before him. In this respect, the death of a believing believer and the death of an unbelieving unbeliever express privileges from each other. However, the face of death for every human being is cold and frightening when viewed from the eyes of the world (i.e., the head). Our Prophet (pbuh) described death as follows:
    "Increase the thinking about death that cuts delicacies like a knife, destroying the taste of mouths." He commanded.
    Death is here compared to a sharp knife that cuts everything off. Death is reported as a bitter event that scratches and destroys the mouth of a person as if it were scratching with a knife, which upset the peace of the human being, leaving no taste, salt and flavor in anything.
    However, here is the following truth statement that, as in every painful event, in the event of death, it enables the believers with good sense to prepare themselves for the journey to the hereafter and at the same time reminds the transience of worldly life and death. and the note is presented as an event that should be rejected. This is the aspect that needs to be understood correctly. Our Prophet Aleyhisselâtü pbuh, Hz. Umar (r.a.) addressed our master: "O Omar! As a counsel and advice, death is enough for you."
    In order for a person to take advice from the state called death, he must be a benevolent person. In fact, every person likes his own mind and says he is smart, but his mind is useless (he is not aware that this is the case).
    Here, such people put the dead in the grave, throws soil on it and speaks with his mouth: "Sir, we will all die," while he keeps saying to his friends next to him;
    He starts to have a business conversation by saying "Well, how are we going to see?" A few seconds ago, you were saying "we are all going to die". This was a nice word, a good word. It was the smart man word. What happened after a few seconds? You forgot that beautiful word (the fact of death)! ...
    However, let alone thinking about it, one can ask the following question on his own:
    "I could have been put in this pit at the moment, then what would I do? Because I do not have enough preparation and no preparation for the journey to the hereafter. I need a road pass for the traveler. From now on, I must prepare myself for this place, for the journey to the hereafter. Because the journey called death (journey) has no time, no time, and when and where it will come, it is not clear. Then, this journey of death has no age-beginning young-old man, no time! ... "
    He had to make a self-criticism to himself. But he didn't, he couldn't, he couldn't. Because he does not have capital or is not enough to make this self-criticism. The capital of this work is a strong, perfect faith, righteous deeds (beneficial action that Allah wants.
    If these happen in a person, he thinks in a healthy way, speaks as wise people speak and utters proper and local words, and then thinks about his own fate! ..
    The words of the elders of Islam are as follows: "If you have worked and prepared for the journey to death, death is a great blessing for you. If you have not prepared for death, death is a great regret and regret for you!" These are unforgettable diamond words.
    It is from Allah Almighty to work and to achieve success. (And minallahit’tevfik).
    El’hâcc Calligrapher Hafız Yusuf Tavanlı
    Preface 3
    The Fact of Death and Acirc; yetler 13
    Every Human Will Taste the Pain of Death 13
    It is Allah Who kills and Who lives 21
    The Reason Why Death And Life Are Created Together ... 23
    and Acirc; One and Two Delicacies in Yet-i Kerim 25
    There Is No Deliverance From Death 30
    A Little Legend: Death Finds Man 33
    Without Allah's Permission Nobody Dies 35
    What is Ecel? 37
    No Human Is Immortal 43
    You Will Die, They Will Also Die 46
    Man Will Go to a Trial in the Presence of his Lord ... 50
    What Every Human Has Done in the World
    My Reward Will Only Take in Doomsday 52
    Believer, Infidel, Good, Bad Everyone Dies 55
    Even if the Prophet Dies, God's Religion is Eternal 58
    Bu and Acirc; Yet Nazil in the Battle of Uhud 61
    The Battle of Uhud Was a Test of Perseverance 64
    A Moment Omission And The Great Test 67
    Death Has Pain, Violence, and Anguish 73
    Pain, Violence and Anguish at the Moment of Death 75
    Hz. Abraham (A.S.) and the Violence of Death 77
    When Ecel Come and Lifes the Strait 83
    Angel of Death tasked with taking the person's life 87
    From the Violence of Death to Your Feet
    Entanglement, Writhing of Person with Death Pain .... 89
    It Is Not Allowed To Say I Want To Die .... 96
    Do Not Want Death, and Acirc; Heres Are Very Severe ... 103
    Don't Pray To Die 104
    Places Where It Is Permissible to Want Death 106
    Life Before Death, Life in the World 109
    Describing the Mortality of World Life and Acirc; yetler 109
    The world is a little subsistence
    And Acirc; If It Is Better For Mutatakis 111
    Simulating the Life of the World as a Temporary Game ... 112
    Allah Warns All My Servants 118
    The State of Earth's Life Falling from the Sky
    Like Rain 120
    Wisdom and Delicacy in Comparing the Life of the World to the Rain and the Green Products Finished by it ... 123
    The temporality of the world's life is similar to: A Game, A Fun 129
    The Suggestions and Parables in the Verse are as follows
    Summarized 132
    Goods And Children Are Ornaments Of The Life Of The World .... 134
    Rewards to be Seen in the Presence of Allah 140
    The Fruits of the Trees of Heaven 142
    Ornaments of World Life That Humankind Likes .... 144
    Decorating World Blessings 149
    The Situation of Woman or Woman 152
    Hz. The Creation of Eve 156
    World And Woman 162
    Good Advice for Women 170
    People Are Often Curious to Boast. 174
    Tafsir and Interpretation of the Surah Takâsur 178
    In the Hereafter, people are drawn into account
    Inquiries 190
    The Prophet's Reading the Surah Takasur
    And Expressing His amazement 197
    The Worthlessness of the World in God's Sight 201
    The Blessing of the World, and the Mercy, Compared to the Bounty of Hereafter ... 209
    The Prophet Sleeping on a Straw 210
    When a Person Dies, His Three Beings Comes with Him to the Grave ... 214
    Wanting Earthly Enough to Live 215
    The Cry of Salman-ı Fârisî 217
    Are Less Goods, Are More Goods Good 218
    It is Happiness to Make Sustenance Enough ... 224
    The Measure and Prescription of Happiness Should Be The Following Hadith.
    The Real Wealth is the Wealth of the Heart 227
    Benefits of Remembering Death 229
    Words of Islamic Elders on Death. 239
    Preparing for Death 243
    Being Like a Traveler in the World 244
    Tûl-ü Emel 263
    Making Plans Like We Will Never Die 263
    Tûl-i Emelin Medicine 266
    Tûl-i Emel Is Deceptive 268
    Those Who Want Paradise Let Them Be Emeli 269
    Tûl-i Emel, Blackens Heart 270
    As People Live, Tûl-i Emel Increases 271
    Property and World Ambition Damage Religion 272
    Story 273
    Our Prophet Did Not Tolerate Tûl-i Emel 276
    The Merit and Livelihood of the Prophet's Family .... 279
    Life Style of the Prophet's Household 288
    Our Almighty Prophet Lying on a Straw .... 300
    The Prophet's Bed Were Hard Objects 302
    Hz. Our Prophet Umar on Straw
    The Companions Adopting the Livelihood of the Messenger of Allah 309
    Life in the Grave 315
    Life in the Grave, What Kind of Life? 316
    Life in the Grave Cannot Be Ignored 318
    Of the Prophet's Son Abraham
    Crying in the Grave 319
    Hz. Words of Umar and the Crying of His Companions 319
    The Prophet Was Sad At His Daughter's Grave 321
    The First Penalty in the Grave, the Grave Compressing Mevtay ... 324
    There Is Penalty In The Grave And It Is Right, It Will Be 324
    The First Interrogation in the Grave-Question 326
    Münker and Nekir (Interrogation Angels) 327
    O Omer It Will Be Nice in the Grave 331
    Pain in the Grave 333
    Evidence for Penalty in the Grave and Acirc; yet 334
    When Person Dies and Acirc; His Place in the Hereafter 335
    The Infestation of 99 Snakes in the Unbelieving Grave 339
    Evidence for Penalty in the Grave Second and Acirc; yet 340
    The Third One That Is Evidence of Penalty in the Grave and Acirc; yet 343
    Praying Is Necessary For The Forgiveness Of The Dead 356
    Mourning After Death 359
    Hz. Fatima's Crying at the Death of Our Lord. 361
    Crying to the Dead is Divided into Two Parts 365
    Harm of Crying 367
    Crying and Condition of the Deceased 376
    Woman whose First Child Dies 377
    The woman whose daughter died and the Prophet 379
    The Patience of a Child Who Dies Is Paradise 381
    Whoever Dies and Patient Three Children Enter Paradise 383
    There is Paradise for a Mom with Miscarriage 386
    The Great Catastrophe Will Be Great In Ecri 388
    Narrative Advice 393
    Catastrophes for a Woman 396
    The Child of a Woman of Faithful Faith
    Death Patience 399
    Tears in the Eyes of the Prophet 409
    A Brief Description 412
    The Reward of Following the Prophet's Command ... 415
    Words to Say During a Disaster 419
    At the Moment of Calamity, Current and Acirc; yet Should Be Read 422
    If the Convicted Prayers with These Words ... 422
    To those who endure the death of their child
    A Mansion Is Given In Paradise 427
    The Woman Who Endured Disaster and Became Paradise 431
    Paradise Is Given For The Two Eyes Of The Servant 434
    Visiting the Graves 437
    Being Commanded with Respect for Believers 439
    Hz. The Question of Ali Efendi to the Graves 450
    Kabirdekiler Knows Their Visitors 452
    Can the Quran be Read to Our Dead? 455
    What Can We Read In The Graves Of Our Dead? .. 457
    When Visiting the Graves 461
    Goodness and Merits by the Living to the Dead 462
    Expressing Condolences and Condolences 465
    The Merits of Telling Your Religious Brother to Get Well ... 468
    Let's Come To The Words Of Condolence 470
    What the Prophet Says for Condolence 471
    Hz. What Prophet Written to Muâz B. Jabal
    Condolence Letter 472
    Condolence Should Be Done Within Three Days 475
    Neighbors Delivering Food to Funeral Home 477
    The Rupture of Doomsday - Signs of Doomsday 485
    Notifying the Event of Doomsday and Acirc; yetler 491
    Surah Hajj, First, Second and Ajirc; yetler 492
    People Who Blowed to Sur for the Second Time Again
    The Resurrection, the Beginning of the Day of Judgment 499
    Can People Know When The Doomsday Will Break? ... 501
    Only God Knows When Doomsday Will Break ... 502
    How Long Unbelievers Stayed in the World
    You will be asked. A Day Or Half A Day
    They Will Say We Stay Long 523
    Signs of Resurrection 525
    Great Signs 526
    1. What is Deccâl? 527
    Hz. Jesus and the Antichrist 531
    2. What is Duhan? 533
    3. What is Dabbetul’arz? 535
    4.Hz. The Coming of Jesus (A.S.) to the Earth 541
    5. What is Ye’cûc And Me’cûc? 542
    6. The Birth of the Sun from the West 548
    7th, 8th and 9th Signs of the Great Resurrection
    Landfall is Depression 551
    10. A Great Fire Arises from Yemen 552
    Information on Signs of Resurrection Are Informal Information ... 552
    Signs of Small Resurrection 555
    Cariie Giving Birth to My Owner 558
    Shepherd's Building High Buildings 561
    One's Tired of Troubles and Desire to Die 562
    The Female Population Near Doomsday Will Increase 564
    Obviously the Plague of Adultery (Prostitution) Near Doomsday
    It is a Sign of Doom 566
    Killing Events Will Increase Before The Judgment ... 569
    After Chief Ba'del-Mawt Died
    Resurrection 571
    Hashr and Judgment Square 587
    Hz. Hazri of Our Governor Aisha from the Prophet
    Asking (Resurrection) 592
    Account Day 602
    Five Things to Ask for the Last Judgment 604
    The Servant's First Account in Terms of Deeds
    Account of the Right to Use the Day of Judgment 608
    Who is the Insolvent on the Day of Judgment? 609
    Rights on Judgment Day Will Be Given to Its Owners ... 611
    Who is the Real Bankruptcy? 616
    Account Day, Three Kinds Of Nobody's Precious Deeds
    He Can't Deserve His Reward 619
    Distribution of Deed Books 622
    Delivering Surgery Books to Owners 623
    Revealing the Book We Call the Book of Surgery ... 626
    Everyone's Own Book (Amel Book)
    Order to Read 628
    Human Limbs and Acirc; Speaking of Zâ And Organs 633
    Kirâmen Kâtibîn and the Angels of Memory 638
    Every Word of Man is Written 643
    Two Angels Sitting on the Right and Left of Man ... 649
    Mîzân (The Weighing of Deeds on Judgment Day) 653
    Two-Word Prayer and Dhikr That Will Be Difficult in Mise ... 660
    Who Will The Mizan Be ... 661
    Intercession 655
    Authority Mahmud 668
    The Hadiths of the Prophet on Intercession. 670
    The Intercession of the Prophet Will Become to Major Sins ... 673
    The First Intercessor on the Day of Judgment
    Hz. Prophet Muhammad 674
    Intercession to the Ummah of the Prophet
    The Intercessor of the People of Judgment Day of Judgment
    What Calls Mean 679
    Hz. Muhammad's (A.S.) and Acirc; Sahib in the hire
    Advantages of 680
    Hz. Prophet Muhammad's Intercessor
    Take On Being 690
    The Intercession Hadith Narrated by Abu Hurayra ... 693
    To the Extremely Wide of the Gates of Heaven
    Sign Is 703
    The First to Knock the Door of Heaven 704
    From the Compassion of the Prophet for his Ummah
    Crying 706
    Hell Will Be Found On Them
    Paradise 710
    Hz. Muhammad's Intercession also by Allah's leave
    Depends on 714
    Groups to Intervene on Judgment Day 715
    Other Intercessions, Will Be Accepted 717
    Kevser Pond 721
    A Pool of Every Prophet on the Day of Judgment
    Will 732
    People to be Removed from the Kevser Pool ... 738
    Sirat Bridge 743
    The Critical Position Of The Sirat And Hz. and Acirc; Crying of work ... 750
    Sirat Bridge Will Be Established Over Hell .... 752
    Prayers of the Believers on the Sirat Bridge 757
    In front of the Believers on the Sirat Bridge
    Heaven And Hell 769
    Conversations Between Heaven and Hell ... 772
    One Group is in Heaven, One Group is in Hell ... 776
    and Acirc; People Are Two Groups To Be Bad And Bahtiyar 776
    The Place of the Unbelievers is Hell, the Place of the Believers is Paradise 777
    What Is Hell 779
    Hell Has Seven Gates and Layers 783
    Names of Hell 785
    The Secar Layer of Hell 801
    Believers Asking Unbelievers What Puts You In Hell 805
    Hell's Hutame Layer 810
    The Warning of Allah 814
    What Kind of Fire Hutame Becomes 816
    Whoever Believes, Whoever Desires Denies and Becomes an Unbeliever .... 818 The Land of Hell 821
    Jahim Layer of Hell 823
    The Hellbites And Their Torments 825
    Hell with the Lightest Torment 831
    Heaven And Heaven Blessings 835
    High Degrees of the People of Taqwa (Mutatati) ... 846 The Feature of Paradise Promised to the Faithful 849
    The Names of Paradise Declared in the Holy Quran 851
    1. Ornaments and Decorations of Firirsvs Paradise 852
    2.Adn Paradise 858
    3. Heavenly Naîm 864
    4. Cennetul'me'wa 867
    A Whip in Heaven Is Worth All Over the World 869
    Even an Part of Heaven Is Better Than Earth 871
    The Entrance of Paradise to Paradise 875
    Faces of the First to Enter Paradise Fourteen of the Month
    It Will Be Like (Full Moon) 877
    Illustrating the Life of Paradise and Paintings; Examples of Yetis.878
    Heaven Has Eight Gates 879
    Describing the Blessings of Heaven and Acirc; yetler Saffât
    Surah 10 and Acirc; yet (40 and 49.and Acirc; yetler) 885
    Paradise Drinks 888
    The Nature of Hûrîs Specially Created in Paradise 891
    Description of Heaven Scenes in the Time of Rahman. 893
    There Are Two Heavens Who Fear Of Their Lord 894
    The Attributes of Hûrîs Created in Paradise 898
    Statement About Kâsırâtüt 899
    Telling the Paradise Life of Surah Vakia
    and Acirc; yetleri 906
    Recreations of the Women of Heaven 916
    Old Women Do Not Enter Paradise 921
    The Woman of Paradise More Than the Hurrians
    Superior 926
    How Old Will the People of Heaven Be 930
    Faces of the First to Enter Paradise
    The Same Is Like Fourteen 932
    The lowest in Heaven 935
    There Is A Long Shady Tree In Heaven That,
    Skip Hundred Years Shadow Is Impenetrable 937
    Seeing Allah in Paradise 939
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