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    Product features :

    Order and Arrangement: Bediuzzaman Said Nursî
    Translation: Mehmet Nihat
    Calligraphy and Illumination: Amir Muhyiddin
    Print Date: August 2011
    Publisher: Sebat Publishing
    Cover Quality: Hardcover
    Paper Quality: Chamois
    Number of Pages: 541
    Size: 9.5 x 13.5 cm
    Weight: 274 gr


    Allah Almighty, in the Quran, "Pray to me, I will answer you" (Mu ve not; min, 60) and "Say: What importance do you have in the sight of my Lord?" (Furkan, 77) He commands. Prayer is a worship. The relationship of the servant with the Creator is his devotion to Him. Prayer is the spirit of servitude and the result of pure faith. Prayer is supplication, supplication, supplication, asylum, prayer. "The most beautiful, graceful, tastiest, most ready-made fruit of prayer, the result is this: The prayer knows that there is someone who listens to his voice, raises his troubles and compassion. His hand of power reaches everything. In this great world inn he is not alone; there is a Kerîm Person, looking after him, giving him conscience. He can fulfill his limitless needs and expel his limitless enemies by envisioning himself in the presence of a self, hears an inshirah, yesterday and note; or throw a heavy burden on it and says Elhamd lillâhi Rabbi'l- and Acirc; lemîn.
    In this work named Hizb-ü Envâri'l-Hakâikı'n-Nûriye, which Bediuzzaman Said Nursî compiled from Ahmed Ziyâeddin Gümüşhanevî's Mecmuatü'l-Ahzâb and the truths in Risale-i Nuri, the most beautiful and most virtuous prayers and prayers are included. .
    In the first chapter, there are the surahs of Yâsin, Fetih, Rahman, Mulk and Nebe, which are among the most virtuous chapters of the Qurian, and the tribes of "Lâ yestevî" and "and Acirc; mene'rresul", which are read after prayers.
    Cevşenü'l-Kebîr: In this section, the Prophet and the note; the prayer named Cevşenü'l-Kebîr, which came to our gamber Lord (a.s.m.) via Gabriel, takes place. Undoubtedly, the most important and remarkable thing is that the Prophet (pbuh) served as a perfect servant. And he prayed and prayed to his Lord in the best way. Here, Cevşenü'l-Kebir is one of his most beautiful and greatest prayers.
    According to the rumor, the Prophet (pbuh) wore his armor,He was going to Mount Uhud. The weather was very hot. At one point he looked up at the sky and prayed to God. Suddenly, he saw Gabriel (a.s.) from the opened sky gates. Hz. Gabriel was in light. He said to the Messenger of Allah, "I brought you greetings, tahiyya and treats from God Almighty." After receiving the salute of the Prophet (pbuh), Gabriel (pbuh) presented the prayer he brought and said:
    "Take off your armor and read this prayer. If you wear and read this prayer, it has a greater effect than armor."
    Our Prophet (pbuh) asked, "Is the effect of this prayer peculiar only to me or my ummah? Gabriel (pbuh) gave the following good news:
    "O Messenger of Allah! This prayer is a gift of Allah Almighty to you and your ummah. Nobody but Allah can appreciate the reward of this."
    Cevşenü'l-Kebir is such a great prayer. The rumors about the worldly and otherworldly rewards that can be obtained from the depth of its content, the fluency of his expressions and the reading made him among the prayers that all Muslims could not leave.
    Then the following sections come in order:
    Evrâd-ı Kudiyesi: This universe was arranged by His Holiness Şâh-ı Nakşibend. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi stated that Şâh-ı Nakşibend learned this prayer from our Prophet (pbuh) in the realm of meaning, saying "This universe has a hundred qualities and benefits".
    Delâili'n-Nur: My Prophet and note; The virtue of this section, which includes the most perfect and most comprehensive salawat, is very great. Our Prophet (pbuh) said, "Those who are closest to me will be those who bring salawat to me the most", "Those who revive my sunnah, bring salawat on me, and help those who are in trouble will be in the shadow of the Throne on the Day of Judgment."
    Sekine: It is one of the high, glazed, talismanic, blessed and powerful prayers based on revelation. The fact that Bediuzzaman, who was wonderfully protected from the terrible sedition he encountered during his life for more than eighty years, read this prayer that he took lessons from Hazrat Ali (ra) through Imam al-Ghazali, and we will take shelter in every trouble and mischief. enough to show that it is an open and protective door.Veysel Karani's Conversation: It is Veysel Karani's supplication and appeal to Esmâ-i Hüsnâ and God Almighty. It is a strong prayer.
    Duâ-i Tercümân-ı Ism-i and Acirc; zam and Duâ-i Ism-i and Acirc; zam: These two prayers are the prayer of Allah Almighty, which is a great virtue in its reading after prayers, and salvation from Hell .
    Münâcâtü'l-Quran: This prayer is sent to Hz. Osman arranged it. The prayer expressions in this convention are taken directly from the verses. Bediuzzaman said, "This prayer is very holy just like Cevşen and Celcelûtiye, and is higher than those of the verses because they receive clear words."
    Tahmidiye: It is stated that this universe, which includes thanks and praise to Allah Almighty, is also a cure for many material and spiritual diseases, and it is stated that it has great benefits in its reading.
    Hülâsâtü'l-Hülâsa: This section, which contains the evidences of oneness of Allah Almighty and the witnesses of the varieties, and Acirc is a summary of the risa of yetü'l-Kübra. About this chapter, Bediuzzaman says, "It would be nice to read it from time to time at certain times, it gives strength to faith".
    Tazarrû and Niyaz: This section taken from Risale-i Nur is a sincere supplication and prayer to the Supreme Creator.
    Celcelûtiye: It is an effective prayer with high meanings. My Prophet and note; ze (a.s.m.) Hz. Gabriel, Hz. It was made an ode to Ali by referring to it in Syriac. The name of Allah, the greatest name of Allah, you are hidden in this prayer, and from the note; it is heralded that a person who takes refuge in Allah by reading this prayer will see much convenience and blessings in the affairs of the world and the hereafter.


    Surah Yasin 6
    Conquest 24
    Surah Rahman 38
    The Son and Acirc of the Surah al-Hashir; the verses 48
    Property Sura 50
    Naba 58
    The Last and Acirc of the Surah of Bakara 62
    The Quran's Prayer of Hatim 64
    Evrâd-ı Kudiye ... 176
    Delâili’n-Nûr .... 228
    Sex ... 272
    Veysel Karani's Works 276
    Duâ-i Tercümân-ı Ism-i Azam 290
    Duâ-i ism-i and Acirc; zam 294
    Conversational I-Quran
    Tahmîdiye 376
    Hülâsatü 1- Extract 420
    Tazarru and Niyaz-1 ... 460
    Tazarru and Niyaz-2 .. 470
    Tazarru and Niyaz-3 .. 480
    Celcelûtiye Ode 494
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