Annotated Cevşen'ül Kebir and its Turkish Pronunciation

Nesil Yayınevi
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Annotated Cevşen'ül Kebir and its Turkish Pronunciation
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  • Annotated Cevşen'ül Kebir and its Turkish Pronunciation

    Product features :

    Arrangement and Arrangement: Bediuzzaman Said Nıırsî
    Translation: Ihsan Atasoy
    Prepared for Publication: Kenan Demirtaş
    Print Date: January 2013
    Cover Quality: Hardcover
    Page Quality: Şamua
    Number of Pages: 237
    Size: 8.5 x 12 cm
    Weight: 120 g

    Prayer, dhikr and salawat have a very important place in a Muslim's life.
    Prayer is the essence of worship, the brain of worship, the weapon of a believer; It is a source of power that the believer will always turn to.
    Because of this importance of prayer, Allah Almighty invites his servants to pray and states that he will not leave the prayers unanswered.
    Three of these divine invitations are as follows:
    "Pray for me and I will answer you." (Believer: 60)
    "He answers the prayers of those who believe and do good deeds." (Shura: 26)
    "Say:" If you do not have a prayer, what importance do you have with my Lord? "(Furkan: 77)
    There are many verses and hadiths regarding mentioning Allah a lot. In the 10th verse of the Surah Juma, our Lord says, "Mention Allah a lot so that you may attain salvation", in another verse, he says:
    "Remember me that I will remember you with my mercy." (Baccarat: 152)
    One of the most important prayers of our Prophet (pbuh) is Cevşen.
    The following incident, which tells about how this great prayer was given to our Prophet (pbuh), also reveals its importance.
    Our Prophet (pbuh) was going to Mount Uhud wearing his armor. The weather was very hot. At one point he looked up at the sky and prayed to Allah. Suddenly, he saw Gabriel (a.s.) from the opened sky gates. Hz. Gabriel was in light.
    He said to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), "I brought you greetings, tahiyya and treats from Allah Almighty."
    After receiving his salutation, the Prophet (PBUH) presented his prayer and said:
    "Take off your armor and read this prayer. If you carry this prayer on it and read it, it has a greater effect than armor."
    Our Prophet (pbuh), who thought about his ummah at every moment and at every opportunity, said, "Is the effect of this prayer peculiar to me or does it affect my ummah?" asked.
    Jibril (pbuh) gave the following good news:
    "O Messenger of Allah! This prayer is a gift of Allah Almighty to you and your ummah. Nobody but Allah can appreciate the reward of this." (Ahmet Ziyâeddin Efendi, Mecmuatü'l-Ahzab)
    In this study, we found it appropriate to print Cevşen and its translation in a different way. We have given the original text and its meaning on opposite pages in order to facilitate the usage and to enable the readers to understand its meaning over time.
    In addition, we wrote the Turkish pronunciation with transcription letters so that those who do not know how to read Arabic could read the text as close to its original. We hope it will lead to good.

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