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    "What You Sow You Will Cut It"
    Childhood years are the years when the human character is just beginning to take shape. Thanks to the values ​​education to be given in this period; Individuals with strong character can be raised who can stand on their own feet, distinguish between good and bad, resist negativities.
    Stories are also a tool to instill in our children the positive behavior and human values ​​we want to be embedded in.
    We hope that Şirin Stories, which consists of basic human values ​​such as truth, justice, conviction, solidarity, forgiveness, not hurting living things, paying attention to haram and lawfulness, not telling lies, will contribute to the Spiritual Character Development of our children.
    Fasting Month Has Arrived First Fasting 9
    Iftar Dinner Ramadan Joy 13
    Going to the Mosque, Kadir's Choice 19
    Did You Take Your Ablution Well? Wudu Cleanses the Sins 23
    Aliş Shepherd Escrow 27
    Real Wealth Giving for Allah's Sake 31
    We Will Ask Allah Believing in the Existence of Allah (swt) 35
    Deeds Don't Wasted, Believing in Resurrection After Death 41
    Not To Forget The Real Goal Of The Horse And Its Owner 45
    Festive Sacrifice 49
    Five Hundred Years of Worship The Mercy of Allah (swt) 55
    Bayezidi Bestami Mother's Prayer 59
    Get Your Friend Enter Paradise Account List 65
    Deeds Pleasing Amel Allah (swt) Who Brought Paradise 69
    A Muslim Who Enter Paradise First Cannot Be Offended 73
    Teaching Children to Make Wudu Without Shame 77
    Being Truthful Not Telling Lies 81
    Orphan's Prayer, Prayer 87
    The Boy Who Lost The Ball Accepted Prayer 91
    The Consciousness of Unity 97
    The Prophet That Fire Does Not Burn .... It Will Be What Allah (swt) Wishes 101
    The Magnitude of the Most Beautiful Star Allah (cc) 105
    Growing Up With Azan Azan 111
    A Rod with a Sapling To consent to those who come from Allah (cc) ll5
    Choose Your Coming Savior Performing Prayer Timely 121
    Giving Thanks to God for Sunness 127
    Good Son and Good Family Remembering Goodness 133
    Hazrat Hamza's Muslim Courage 139
    Hazrat Haşan Child Love 143
    The Ignorant Man and the Wise Rabbit Honesty 149
    I hope I am Seldim, Inshallah Awareness 157
    İbrahim Ethem and Fishes Real Wealth 161
    Being Clean Inside Being Clean Being Tidy 165
    Angel and Devil 169
    Talking Well About People Not Being Backed 173
    A Huge Hero, Besmele 177
    Guardian Angels I Love Angels So Much 183
    Greetings by Seagulls 189
    Mevlid Kandili Happy Birth 193
    Happy People Command Good From Evil 197
    Prayer of the Faith 203
    Resurrection of a New Life After Death 209
    The Eternity Tree Useful Science 213
    Zakat Giving Village Abundance 219
    Martyrs Do Not Die Martyr Awareness 225
    Worked Less, Gained More Martyr Awareness 229
    The Quran is the Word of Allah The Consciousness of the Quran 235
    Death Is Not The End Eternal Life 241
    Abraham's Faith in the Hereafter Fear of Allah (swt) 245
    Admire the Quran Awareness of the Quran 249
    That Also Chooses Ya Hu To Be Grateful 255
    War With Satan Basmalah 261
    Construction of the Kaaba God's House 265
    Imam-i Azam and the Unbeliever Knowing the Existence of Allah (swt) 271
    How did the Jew become a Muslim? Quranic Miracle 277
    Sultan's Sacrifice Keeping His Word 283
    I got sick to Visit Me Islamic Ethics 287

    276 gr.
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