I Need Every Mother - Teacher Publication-1596

Muallim Neşriyat
Product Code : 9786056282003
It Is A Book In Which The Information Every Mother Will Need While Raising Their Children.
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  • Need Every Mom

    Product features :

    Published Date 2018-11-01
    ISBN 9786056282003
    Number of Impressions 30th Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 283
    Skin Type Hardcover
    Paper Type 2. Hm. Paper
    Size 13 x 19 cm

    Weight 322 grams

    If you are upset that I have no children.
    If you say what can I do to make my child a scholar ..
    If you are pregnant and want your child to be very smart ..
    If you are afraid that labor will be difficult.
    If your child's lack of appetite makes you sad.
    If you have a child, but if you want to have a daughter too ..
    If you are in danger of miscarriage.
    This book will be a great medicine to all mothers.
    In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful ...
    Praise to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; We ask our Prophet (peace be upon him) to bless our book, starting with sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.
    It is such a blessing; When Abraham (aleyhisselam) completed the construction of the Kaaba, Allah ordered him to invite people all over the world to pilgrimage.
    Ibrahim (aleyhisselam) could neither have the power to go and invite people from all over the world one by one, nor could he make his voice heard to the whole world if he shouted.
    However, when he surrendered to Allah, power took the place of weakness and Allah gave such blessings to the voice of Ibrahim (aleyhisselam); made his voice and invitation heard to all people around the world.
    With Basmalah, Praise and Salavat, we ask Allah for such blessings that the information in our book will be spread all over the world, be deeded and the earth will be filled with the righteous believers.
    Our Reverend Sheikh Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu Efendi (kuddis Sırruhü) said the following in his conversation one day.
    "Just as the sun, moon and stars appear when looking at the sky from the earth; when looking at the earth from the sky in the past, scholars like the sun, like the moon, like a star would appear. Later, most of these scholars went to the hereafter and the earth remained dark. to save. "
    Our venerable Sheikh is not a person who expressed this only with his words, but on the contrary, he is a person who devoted his life to raising those scholars again.
    With his abundance, everywhere was joyful with knowledge, deeds and sincerity. Many great scholars were brought up.
    May Allah (celle celalühü) grant him a life like the life of Noah (aleyhisselam), and health and youth as was given to Eyyüp (aleyhisselam) later. It should not separate us from its surroundings in the world and the hereafter.
    As to why I needed to prepare this book;
    It is customary to be born cruel to cruel.
    It is happiness to be born from a tyrant.
    It is customary for a scholar to arise.
    It is a disaster that a tyrant is born from a scholar.
    The custom of being born from a scholar has long since passed, and the disaster of being born cruel from a scholar has become widespread.
    When we are in such a time that most of the people are swimming in the forbidden lives, they lead such a life that it is as if a religion called Islam did not come down to earth, as if there was no death, as if there was no resurrection ...
    In a time when the majority is like this, the job of a person who wants to protect his child from fire is quite difficult!
    At such a time, prayer is even more important. Maybe it is a challenge to protect their children from fire only to those who pray with sincere tears.
    I also ask our Lord to make this work a means to raise a new generation, most of which will be made up of scholars and friends of Allah, by collecting the prayers and knowledge that aim children to be Salih.
    I ask Allah Almighty (celle celalühü) to forgive my mistakes. He is almighty. The result and success are only from Him.

    If our brothers, who have different prayers or information in accordance with the content of this book, send them to us via their request address, I would like to offer them to our Muslim brothers in new editions.
    As a matter of fact, our Prophet (peace be upon him) stated the following in a hadith:
    "He who signifies a good deed has as much reward as he makes it."
    Our Prophet (peace be upon him) states the following:
    "The prayer that the father made to his child is like the prayer of the Prophet to his ummah in terms of acceptance. The mother is also like that.
    However, because the mother's affection is greater than that of the father, her prayer is faster than the father's in terms of acceptance ...
    As a matter of fact, the Prophet (pbuh) states the following in a hadith:
    "The mother's prayer is accepted more quickly."
    When the Companions (may Allah be pleased with you) asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about the reason for this, they said:
    "He is more merciful than the father! The prayer of a person who is very merciful is not in vain!"


    PRAYER 7
    A) Hadith-i Sharifs about Prayer 11
    B) From the Precious Letter of Imam-i Rabbani (kuddis myrrh) about the Importance of Prayer 13
    C) The Cornerstone of the Prophetic Education Method: Prayer 15
    1) Prayer for children in their father's sultan: 15
    2) Prayer to be made during jima (sexual relationship): 16
    3) Prayer for the Child in Nutrition: 16
    4) Prayer When Birth Approaches: 17
    5) Prayer After Birth: 17
    6) Prayer for Older Children: 18
    D) Prophets (Salevatullahi Ala Nebiyyina and Aleyhim Ecmein)
    Prayers They Made For Their Children Before Coming To Earth 19
    E) Prayers About Children from the Language of His Holiness Mahmut Efendi (Kuddise Sırruhu) 21
    A) Avoiding the Haram 24
    B) Purpose of Marriage: The Proliferation of Generation 25
    What should be intended when getting married? 32
    C) Salih-Saliha Choosing a Spouse to Marry: 34
    D) The Manners of the Jima 38
    A) Spiritual Prescriptions for Those Who Have No Children 46
    B) Material Prescriptions for Those Who Have No Children 53
    A) For those who want a boy or a girl 60
    B) For Women With Miscarriage 62
    C) Reading for the Child During Pregnancy 64
    D) Useful Stones for Mother and Baby Health During Pregnancy 68
    E) Spiritual Prescriptions for Easy Birth 69
    Reading During Pregnancy 69
    Move On 69
    Things to Read on Food and Drinks Near Birth 70
    Reading in Pain 73
    G) Material Prescriptions for Easy Delivery 75
    A) Things to Do on the First Day of the Baby's Birth 80
    The mistake of having copies at home 84
    Children playing with simulated toys 85
    B) What to Do During the First Forty Days of the Baby's Birth 92
    C) Circumcisions to be Performed on the Seventh Day of the Baby's Birth 93
    1) Aqika Sacrifice 93
    2) Shaving the Head 95
    3) Naming 96
    4) Hitan (male circumcision) 97
    A) The Importance of Discipline and Prayer 101
    The Importance of Child Dressage 101
    Prayer Training 107
    B) Reading Treatment 111
    112 for the Crying Boy
    113 For Children Who Are Afraid of Sleeping and Cannot Sleep
    Children's Evil Eye, The Gin and Satan 115
    For The Protection From Evil 115
    For Kids Who Wet Gold 120
    120 For Keke And The Children Who Can't Speak
    For Strengthening Memory 120
    A) Pregnancy and Weight 126
    B) Foods Good for Eating During Pregnancy 127
    How Necessary Is Vitamin Supplement? 131
    Iron 132 During Pregnancy
    Anemia Symptoms 132
    A Beneficial Mixture Against Anemia: 133
    Vitamin C 134
    Folic Acid 135
    C) Foods That Are Harmful To Eat During Pregnancy 137
    D) Dental Hygiene of Women 139
    CHAPTER 2: BIRTH 141
    A) Some Points to be Considered by Pregnant Women 142
    A Tip on Baby's Gender 143
    Spiritual Education of the Baby in the Mother Womb 143
    Not Afraid of Birth 143
    B) Minute Minute Birth 145
    The Amount of Light in the Environment where the Baby is Born 146
    Navel Belt 146
    Baby's Wife 146
    Normal Birth Position 146
    "If My Baby's Head Is Big Normal 147
    Can't I Give Birth? "Fear 147
    Opening of the uterus 147
    Water Birth 147
    Artificial Pain and Caesarean Section 148
    A Birth Event in America 150
    Child-Suitable Room Temperature 150
    First things to do for a newborn 150
    Lactating 151
    Bathroom 151
    Vaccinations for Babies 152
    A) Features of Breast Milk 155
    Substances in Milk 156
    The Healing of Breast Milk 157
    I need every mother
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