Marriage and Sexual Issues-1622

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It is the Introduction and Sales Page of the Book on Marriage and Sexual Issues According to Islam
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    Woman..! A beautiful alluring creature created by God. He has been humiliated, treated as second class in all ages, and even not counted as human by some societies.

    Why is that?

    However, a woman who is beautiful in creation has a great place with her man. Sometimes a compassionate, sometimes warm wife, sometimes a friend, friend. So why is women the preoccupation of ignorant intellectuals in all ages?

    Here we covered this subject in our book. How did other religions and societies view women in various eras? How is his creation explained in Islam and what is his social situation?

    Incorrect and scarce ideas that poke minds about the evolution of women are essentially refuted.

    The woman, who was evaluated in terms of her sexuality yesterday and today and who is generally regarded as a capital, found her superior value in Islam.

    The religion of Islam commands people to satisfy their sexual feelings within the legitimate circle by enacting it with the forms and limits it brings to the act of sexuality.

    Surely, sexuality is in the human nature. To deny this would be to deny the law of creation. However, this emotion contains a far superior purpose in humans than an animal emotion. This aim is to ensure the continuation of the human generation within the legitimate marriage circle.

    In our book, we touched upon the duties, sexual relations and problems of men and women in their marriage life.

    It is certainly not without reason to address these issues: Today, sexuality has been so degenerated that it has been reduced to an animalistic level and has transcended as far as possible by breaking down the moral wall. For the sake of material interests, especially the young people were perverted from human feelings and an ideology dominated their minds as if life was just sexuality. Today's man, who puts sexuality above all else, can become a prisoner of perverse desires, fall prey to homosexuality, loveliness, to the most innocent display and voyeurism, naturally losing their selves, personalities, and most importantly, the afterlife.

    The religion of Islam is infallible, with its ideal decrees, it keeps people away from perverse tendencies, and protects them from all kinds of actions that will damage human sacredness.

    Islam made all its decrees according to desires and needs. His judgments in every respect are subtle and full of wisdom. These are always for the happiness of the earthly and ethereal human-son.

    We have prepared this book based on the views of the verses, hadiths, Islamic mujtahids and the correct science on matters that approve Islam, solely for the benefit of our female and male Muslim brothers.

    May God's mercy and grace be upon all Muslims ...


    Publisher's Foreword 5

    Introduction 7

    First part

    The Creation of Woman 10

    Woman in Different Era 16

    The Place of Women in Antiquity 18

    Place of Women in Arabia in the Age of Ignorance 21

    Woman in the Middle Ages 22

    The Place of Women in Our Age 25

    Place of Women in Islam 27

    Education Provided by Islam for Women 29

    Political Rights of Women in Islam 31

    Women's Right to Inheritance in Islam 37

    Women's Testimony in Islam 40

    Second part

    Marriage 48

    The Rule of Islam on Marriage 52

    Choice Right in Marriage .. 55

    Why Is Marriage Necessary? 56

    Necessary and Mental Conditions of Marriage 58

    Adult Girls and Boys Marrying 59

    Disadvantages of Marrying Children at a Young Age 63

    Third part

    Seeing Each Other Between Men and Women Who Will Marry 67

    Home Love, Love 70

    How to Achieve Life? 72

    Doing Every Job with Besmele 76

    Chapter Four

    Girlfriend 80

    Hz. Ali's Hz. Willing to Want Fatima 81

    Genius of Asking for a Girl and Acirc;

    Interrupting 86

    Engagement 87

    Preparing a Dowry 89

    Wedding 92

    Mehir 94

    Hz. Fatima's Mehri 96

    Wedding (Wedding in Ancient Societies) 98

    Wedding in Islam 101

    Henna Night and Having Fun 105

    Advice to the Daughter of the Umama 107

    Asma's Advice for Her Daughter 109

    Advice to Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) 109

    First Night of Marriage 112

    Drop Duties 113

    Duties for the Bride 117

    Duties for Beech Valide 123

    Chapter Five

    Women Should Do Her Husband's Service by Love and Love 127

    Woman Cannot Dislike Her Husband 130

    A Woman Should Follow Her Husband's Demand For Sex Matching 132

    A Woman Should Not Ask Her Husband To Divorce Himself 134

    A Woman Cannot Worship Vainly Without Her Husband's Permission 136

    A Man Cannot Marry His Divorced Wife With Three Talaks 139

    A Woman Can't Bring Anyone Who Does Not Like Her Husband Home 140

    A Woman Should Visit Her Husband's Relatives 141

    Women Must Be Hospitable 142

    Woman Should Do the Chores of the House 148

    Chapter Six

    Men Must Support Their Family 153

    Man Can't Dislike His Wife 154

    Man Must Treat His Wife Well 155

    Can a man beat his wife? 157

    Men Must Take Care of Worships 161

    Man Should Be Dressed Up For His Wife 170

    Chapter Seven

    The Right to Have Sexual Intercourse 173

    Factors Affecting Sexual Excitement 175

    Making Love Before Sex 184

    Limit of Sexual Intercourse 186

    How is the Form of Sexual Relationship 187

    Urinating or Sleeping After Sexual Intercourse 189

    Bathing After Sexual Intercourse 191

    Fards of the Ghus 192

    Things That Are Unlawful For Those Who Are Fard To Gush Over 196

    The Dangers of Having Excessive Sexual Relationship 198

    Marriage Conditions Not Explained 204

    Chapter Eight

    Sexual Apathy in Women 207

    Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy 213

    Sexual Intercourse After Childbirth 216

    Smoking and Drinking Cause Sexual Problems 218

    Ejaculation in a Dream (Revolution) 223

    Chapter the Ninth

    Women's Statuses 227

    Issues Related to Hayız 228

    Issues Regarding Postpartum 236

    Issues of Preference 238

    Gynecology 239

    Infertility 245

    Chapter Ten

    Insemination 251

    Abortion and Dropping Children 255

    Preventing Fertilization 266

    Days When Woman Does Not Hold Seeds 270

    Chapter Eleventh

    Women For Eternal Marriage Haram 276

    Women Who Are Haram For Their Reason 277

    Women Haram for Milk Kinship 278

    Temporary Marriage. 286

    Those Who Are Haram to Be Under a Marriage 287

    Marriage with Others Unlawful 288

    It Is Haram To Marry Those Who Conquer Partnership 290

    Marrying a Non-Muslim Woman 291

    Marrying a Non-Muslim Man 295

    Is Married With Adoption? 300

    302 It Is Unlawful To Marry A Woman Adultery


    Marrying More Than Just a Woman 306

    Reasons that Make Multiple Marriage Necessary 310

    Duties for Multiple Marriages 314

    Hz. The Multiple Marriage of Muhammad (saas) 317

    Many Marriage in Paradise 337

    Attributes of the Women of Heaven 345

    Chapter the Thirteenth

    Historical Development of Slave and Concubine 353

    Sexual Lives of Concubines and Slaves in Islam 358

    Chapter the Fourteenth

    Sexual Relationship During Menstruation and Postpartum 364

    Prohibition of Approaching Women the Other Way 373

    Sadism and Masohism 375

    It Is Haram To Have Sexual Intercourse While Fasting 381

    Sexual Intercourse Is Haram in Itikafta 386

    It Is Haram To Have Sexual Intercourse While In Ihram 388

    It Is Haram To Do Zıhar 391


    Adultery 395

    The Penalty of Adultery in History 400

    The Penalty of Adultery in Islam 406

    Diseases Caused by Adultery 415

    Homosexuality (Livâta) 425

    The Penalty of Lutheran in Islam 433

    The End of the Lot Community 435

    The Punishment of Having a Relationship with an Animal 462

    Masturbation (Manual Abuse) 463

    Chapter Sixteenth

    Veiling 468

    Women Should Not Wear Tight and Transparent Dresses 473

    How A Woman Should Be Covered 478

    Women Should Not Look At Foreign Men 485

    Women Must Hide Their Ornaments 489

    How should veiling be in men? : 492

    Chapter the Seventeenth

    Divorce in History 500

    Divorce in Islam (Talak) 505

    Reasons for Divorce 507

    Why is the Right to Divorce Given to Man 509

    Reconciliation Roads Made Before Divorce 512

    If Divorced, Divorce Should Be Kindly 516

    How Many Types Are Divorces? 517

    Do It 530

    'Hülle 533

    Divorce of a Woman in Return of Mehri (Hul ') 536

    Woman Divorced Before Sexual Relationship 539

    Husband Gives Alimony to a Divorced Woman 540

    Iddet 541

    Prohibitions in Community Relations 543

    Stranger Man and Stranger Woman Being Alone 544

    It is Haram for Foreign Men and Foreign Women to Handshake 547

    Greetings and Acirc; the master of 548

    The Rule of Traveling by Women 551

    552 The Judgment of Laughing with Laughter

    Speaking and Acirc; genius 553

    Can a woman serve her husband's guests? 554
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