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  • Necklace with Verse Kürsi Written - Yellow

    Product features :

    Glass Bottle 3 cm
    Chain 20 cm (not silver)


    Ayetel Kürsi should be recited continuously by taking refuge in Allah from the evil of everything.
    It is among the prayers that should be read against the evil eye.
    Reading Ayetel Kürsi after prayers is mandub.
    Especially if it is read before going to bed at night, evil will not come to the reader's house and will be protected from the evil of Satan.
    The following is stated in a hadith regarding the verse of the verse Kürsi prayer; "The most virtuous verse of the Quran is the Ayatü'l-Kürsi in the chapter of Bakara. When this verse is read in a house, the devil moves away from there." (Tirmidhi, Fedâilü'l-Quran, 2)
    Whoever reads the Ayetel Kürsi after every fard prayer will only prevent him from entering Paradise.
    Whoever reads him when he goes to bed, God assures him of his own house, his neighbor's house, and the houses around.
    Whoever reads Ayetel Kürsi when he is depressed or depressed, Allah will help his servant.
    If you read Ayetel Kürsi while going home or leaving the house, the work of the reader will go from morning to evening with goodness and peace.
    It is also stated in the Hadith-i Sharif: 'Whoever reads the Ayatel-Kürsi when he sleeps on his bed, Allah Almighty assigns two angels to protect his servant until the morning.
    In order for the prayers to be accepted, many Ayetel Kursi must be read.
    Ayetel Kürsi is one fourth of the Quran.
    The highest point of the Quran is Surah al-Baqara. The most important verse in Surat al-Baqara is Ayetel Kürsi.
    Satan does not enter the house where Ayetel Kürsi is recited; he leaves the house when he hears it recited.
    If it is read on the sick and people who are waiting for healing, healing can be achieved.
    A person who reads Ayetel Kürsi assures himself / herself. If Ayetel Kürsi is read 170 times, Allah helps the person who is reading it in every job.
    A person who reads the Verse Kursi does not suffer from boredom, difficulty or difficulty. It will be away from grief, abundance will attain abundance. He gets his desires and desires.
    The understanding of the person who reads the Ayetel Kürsi increases. Survives dangerous situations.
    If the verse is recited and the reward is donated to the person of the grave, the grave will fill with light and the grave will expand and the rank and rank of the dead will increase. A great reward is given to those who read.
    Ayetel Kürsi; If wheat and rice are read 313 times, fertility and abundance will come.
    Ayetel Kürsi is a verse related to the delivery of Allah.


    Hz. Prophet, Ubey b. He asked the Ka'b "Which verse is the greatest of Allah's book" and received the answer "It is Âyetü'l-Kürsî."
    Ayetel Kürsi is a very important prayer. The meaning that everyone should read is among the deep prayers. Readers, family, neighbors,
    The virtues of this prayer, which protects those around him from all evil, are very great. Hz. Prophet (pbuh), taking refuge in Allah from the evil of everything,
    He read the chapters of Felâk and Nâs and Âyete'l-Kürsî. The 255th verse of the Surah al-Baqara is referred to as "yetü'l-Kürsî" because the platform of Allah is mentioned in it.
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