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    Fairy tales educate children while entertaining. Thanks to fairy tales, children's vocabulary, imagination, thinking ability, and the ability to establish cause-effect relationship develop.
    It is known that children who are read fairy tales from an early age acquire the reading habit more easily.
    With our work prepared in the light of this information, your child will gain good character features while having fun.

    Butterfly Powder Wing 5
    Ladybug Spotted 37
    Polar Bear Pigi 69
    Parrot Laklak 101
    Squirrel Laughter 133
    Long Tail Curly 165
    Baby Elephant Nazlı 197
    Penguin Pingi 229
    Koala Mufi 261
    Pelikan Bilican 293
    Being Elegant 5
    Knowing Value 37
    Courage 69
    Respecting the Elderly 133
    Being Positive 165
    Self-confidence 197
    Learning Excitement 229
    Being Hardworking 261
    29 Being too curious

    360 gr.
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