Special Boxed Hardcover Yasin with Mother's Day Gift Plate - Medium Size

Product Code : 0000000112250
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119.00 TL
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  • Personalized Yasin You Can Gift To Your Loved Ones On Special Days
    Sample Articles That Can Be Written On Hardcover Yasin;
    Peace Pektaş Umrah Gift
    Welcome Aboard EYMEN 07.07.2017
    Ceylin Naz's Memory of Mevlüt
    Fatiha to the soul of the late Mehmet Yılmaz
    Since Yasin with Name Printed Plate Bound is Personal, Returns are not Accepted.
    Yasin-i Şerif Features:
    Luxury Name Printed
    Special Design Boxed
    Corner Iron
    Special Wire Stitched
    With index
    Medium Size - 17 cm x 24 cm
    Computer Lined, Large Written, Written with Easy to Read Calligraphy
    Arabic Text
    Pronunciation in Latin (Turkish)
    Meali (Turkish Meaning)
    176 pages
    Chamois Paper
    Weight 776 grams
    Yasin-i Şerif Content:
    Prayer for the Beginning
    Mubîn Prayer
    Yâsîn Prayer
    Elif Lam Mim
    Surah Yasin
    Property Period
    Surah Al-Jinn
    Surah al-Kahf
    The Prostration
    Surah Al-Dhuhan
    Surah Muhammad
    Surah ar-Rahman
    Surat al-Waqa
    Surah Friday
    Surah of Judgment
    The Chapter of Nâziât
    Human Sura
    Surah Fajr
    Surah Al-Pen
    From Amenerras
    Surah al-Hashr
    Ayetâel Kürsî
    Surah Al-Duha
    Inşirâh Sura
    Surah Tîn
    Alak Sura
    Surah Al-Qadir
    The Surah of Beyyine
    Zilzal Surah
    Adiyât Sura
    Surah Kâria
    Taqâsur Sura
    Hümeze Sura
    Surah Elephant
    The Quraysh
    Surah Kevser
    The Chapter of the Unbeliever
    Surah Al-Nasr
    The Surah of Tabbet
    Surah Ihlas
    Falak Sura
    Surah Nas
    Prayer Prayers
    Salat-i Tefriciye
    Salat-i Munciye
    Prayer for Forgiveness
    Elmalılı Prayer
    Seven Verses
    Jinn Prayer
    Hıfz (Protection) Verses
    Esmâü'l Hüsnâ
    Hatim Prayer
    Prophet's Daily Prayers
    Kenzü'l Arş Prayer
    Three Months Prayers
    52. Night Tomb Prayer
    Prayer to Secine
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