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  • Stories of the Prophets from the Holy Quran
    Writer Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen
    Language of the Work is Turkish
    Paper Information Import
    Cover Information Cardboard
    Number of Pages 208
    Width, Length, Depth 13,5 X 19,5 cm

    The Meaning, Benefits and Resources of the Prophet's Siyyah The prophets are the information about the higher lives of the blessed prophets and is a very valuable part of the general history. As it is known, Almighty God first sent prophets from amongst themselves from time to time. Some of the people followed these holy prophets and thus fulfilled their duties in the world and in the hereafter. They have established regular civilizations and attained virtues. Others opposed these blessed prophets and acted contrary to them. With these attitudes, they were deprived of real human qualities and preferred blasphemy to belief and disgrace to virtue. For this reason, they eventually fell into disasters and died out. Here is the information about the lives of the prophets, which we call "Siyer-i Anbiya (History of the Prophets)", reveals their good state, shows how they called their ummah to religion, records some events and wars with their people. These are great advice for us to be taken as lessons and to benefit. The History of the Prophets has many benefits. That is to say: When one reads the history of the prophets, he learns about the high existence and good morals of some prophets. Understands how much they worked in the right way and how high they brought to humanity and civilization. Thus, his mind opens and his intelligence increases, he has a vigilance. The feeling of religion is strengthened in his heart. Respect for the religious elders increases and tries to be moralized by their good morals. As for the sources of the history of the prophets: The main ones are the Koran and Hadith books. These are two sacred sources. The most accurate information is only taken from these two real sources.. It is a fact that some of the information about some prophets in the present Torah, the Bible and other previous religious books have changed, so they can never be trusted. As for the history books, they cannot be accepted as they are, since most of the information they give is not based on solid information. Anyway, the ages before the time of our Prophet are called "the first Ages". Information on the history of these ages is very incomplete. For this reason, the lives of many prophets are unknown to us. Among the great prophets, the prophet whose whole life is known, but our prophet is Prophet Muhammad sallallâhü alayhi wa sallam. The entire holy life of the Prophet has been recorded in all its details. This feature and honor has not been given to anyone else in the world. There are many siyer books written on the high life of prophets. However, the most extensive and perfect of them are those regarding the higher life conditions of our Prophet. The person who wrote the first sirah book about the Prophet was "Urwa" from Tabiin (from those who saw his companions) and "Zührf" from his students. The oldest and most reliable of the siyer books available today are the following three works: Vakıdi's Siyer book, who died in Baghdad in 207, Siyer from Basra Ibn Hisham, who died in 315, Baghdad in 315. It is the book of Siyer, written by Muhammad Taberi, who passed away.
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