Tecvidli Kuran Karim - Thermo Leather - Medium Size - Sefa Publishing House - Computer Lined

Sefa Yayıncılık
Product Code : 9786054008216
Easy to Read, You Can Learn Quran More Accurately with Computer Line
59.00 TL
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    * A Quran that shows Tecvid Pedestals in a color-colored way in each letter
    * At the bottom of each page, tecvid names are written indicating which pedestal the colors in the letters are suitable for.
    • Approved and Sealed by the Religious Affairs Directorate Mushafs Review and Kiraat Board
    • From the line where millions of people learn to read the Quran
    • Very easy to read computer line
    • Book Name: Tecvidli Quran - Computer Line - Medium Size - Thermo Leather
    • Calligraphy: Huseyin Turkmen
    • Prepared by: Hafiz Cihat Yilmaz, Abdulselam Tunç, Hafiz Ismail Yucel, Hafiz Kemal Akırmak, Hafiz Omer Akyildiz
    • Coated Paper
    • Thermo Leather
    • Luxury Hardcover
    • 2 Color Offset Printing
    • 612 Pages• Year of Printing: 2013
    • Publishing House: Sefa Publishing
    • Medium size 17x24 cm Size

    Book Description

    The Text of this Tecvidli Qur'an has been reviewed and sealed by the Religious Affairs Directorate's Mushaf Review and Kiraat Board.

    You will be able to read the Quran very easily with Tecvid Pedestals prepared with a very easy-to-read line on the computer.

    Each language has its own dialect, and the most beautiful dialect of Arabic is the Quran dialect The shape and structure of the words has a beauty unique with its mahreç and pronunciation One of these beauties is the reading of the Quran with tecvid pedestals, our Lord (Celle Jalaluh) says in a verse of the Qur'an.

    "Recite the Qur'an openly, with a sweat" (Muzzemmil Surah; 4) "Sweat" meaning harmony and order. Here it is explained as "to give the right of each letter and to read it in a hurry", in the words of our Lord Hz. Ali (Radiyallahu Anh) "The assembly of the letters is to give the right of each letter and to know the places of stop." Keeping all tecvid principles in memory and applying them when the time is right is a job that requires patient training from a competent person for a long time. What I have seen from our students that we have taught for many years is that tecvid pedestals are memorized but when they are implemented, the pedestals are violated many times, and they need to be read again and again, without interruption, for the formation of the angel. It is also a fact that not everyone has these opportunities, this has always been an issue that makes the Teachers of the Qur'an course think about this, this TECVİLI QURAN STUDY, in which we have worked for years with a team dedicated to the knowledge of the Qur'an and the Qur'an, to be a solution to this. It was the first time it was done by us in Turkey. Our esteemed teachers in my team; Hafiz Ismail YÜCEL Hafiz Omer AK YILDIZ. I would like to express my gratitude to Hafiz Kemal AKIRMAK, Hafiz Cihat YILMAZ and nurullah KAHRAMAN brother who has not spared his support during his working time. All pedestals of Tecvidin are treated in categories and each category is colored with a different color. What each color means is indicated by its short names at the bottom of the page. The secavends are left in red. In places such as (Musemmen Maen), the medina is marked "tenvin" as "med" in its place, since there is no zahir. The Tecvid rules have been implemented with the transition in mind. We ask our Lord to forgive us our faults.
    Abdulselam TUNÇ
    (From the Introductory Bulletin)

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