The Holy Quran - 30 Juz Quran - Computer Line - Pocket Size - With Bag - Seda Publications

Seda Yayınları
Product Code : 9789944199780
Easy to Read, Computer Line, Seda Yayınevi
149.00 TL
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    Paper Cover
    Pocket Size 9.5 x 13 cm
    Computer Line
    Easy to Read
    Custom Faux Leather Bag
    1. Pulp Paper
    The Hatm-i Şerîf Jüzleri, prepared by binding thirty parts of the Quran separately, provides great comfort in responses and especially in collective hatim. The Hatm-i Şerîf Juz, which is also very easy to carry with its own special bag, is the choice of those who want to recite the Word of Allah together. Those who want to participate in the responses with the Hatm-i Şerîf Juz, which are individually cloth-bound, enjoy the comfort of carrying the juz separately.
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