The Holy Quran - 30 Juz Quran - Rahle Boy - Blue - Furkan Publications

Furkan Neşriyat
Product Code : 0000000189057
Sealed, Voiced, Easy to Read, Jüz Jüz, 20x28 cm Length of Rahle, Red Quran
210.00 TL
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  • Artifact Features:
    The Directorate of Religious Affairs was examined and sealed in the Mushafs Examination and Recitation Board.

    It has been specially prepared for those who are just starting to read the Quran, young people and children. It has a computer line and is easy to read.

    Size: 20 × 28 cm

    Number of Pages: 616

    Paper Type: 1. Pulp Chamois

    Special Leather Bag

    Ability to listen to the Quran audio with the data matrix found on every page of the Quran with Computer Line.

    Why should I choose the Holy Quran produced by Furkan Publications?

    The Qur'an, published by Furkan Publications, were sealed after the final checks by the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Mushafs Examination and Recruitment Board. In addition, after each edition, all parts are checked one by one by the Presidency of Religious Affairs Mushafs Examination and Recitation Board.

    It is sealed; Our Qur'an is checked by the Directorate of Religious Affairs, approved for error and sealed at every print.

    It is the product of 15 years of work and experience.

    The easiest to read line; Since it is a computer line, the letters and vowels are written in pieces and on top of it. It has a design that everyone from 7 to 70 can read easily. For this reason, it is one of the easiest to read Koran in the world.

    Voice listening feature; All varieties produced by Furkan Neşriyat ® have the feature of listening to audio with the QR code application. For more detailed information, you can visit the Audio Quran page.

    Quality; In terms of durability for many years, it is produced with quality skin cloth and thread stitched. It is produced by showing the necessary care and devotion in its print and skin.
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